GSM Lift Phone Phone
GSM Lift Phone Phone

The GSM Lift Phone is designed for emergency calls from a lift cabin ( 1 or 2) to first aid ( service department, security, etc..). Setting as well as controlling is possible also remotely by SMS messages ( control of lift status, lift reset etc...).

  • Calls up to 8 numbers
  • Controls up to 2 relays
  • Programmable via  SMS


    • After activation ( button push) progressively call up 8 numbers (MASTER1-8) saved on the SIM card with automatic call duration max. 4 minutes
    • Back call only from MASTER numbers saved on SIM card. Another calls are refused.
    • Credit information at prepaid SIM cards. Information is sent by SMS to selected number.
    • Indication of calling as same as connection.
    • Automatic verification call once for 3 days to TEST number(s) (TEST1-8) saved on the SIM card.
    • Command SMS mode for remote control (SMS might be sent only from TEST numbers)
    • Control of 2 relay contacts for lift reset/Status of the lift (5 inputs 2 are blocking inputs)
    • MASTER and TEST numbers changing
    • Control of GSM network status
    • Credit information
    • 2 blocking inputs emergency call available only during lift failure
    • 2 blocking inputs might be used for sending SMS with info about lift failure (failure signal on input longer than 2 minutes)
    • Sending of pre-programmed SMS when is lift failure SMS is sending during change of input status longer than 2 minutes
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