IP Modular Door Phone
IP Modular Door Phone

IP Modular Door phone can be connected to an IP PBX SIP extension or directly to an IP Network switch. The IP Modular Door phone can be configured with up to 64 buttons, with or without keypad and with or without IP camera depending on your needs. IP Modular Door phone is provided with 2 relays for lock control, a backlit case and a heating system. Installation boxes that take 1, 2, 3 or 4 modules are available and can be daisy-chained together.

  • Completely Modular
  • IP or CCD Colour Video Camera
  • Up to 64 backlit buttons
  • Windows pop-up with audio and video (when used with an IP camera)
  • European Design


    • Modular system allows to connect 1 to 64 buttons
    • Two 16-digit numbers (IP address) with each button
    • Possible to connect two independent locks for door opening
    • Two codes for hanging up the unit from telephone
    • Two codes for door opening from telephone
    • Six code locks (password from buttons at the door)
    • Possibility to connect a numerical keyboard the unit can include 4-18 standard buttons
    • Integrated heating of printed circuit
    • Permanent lighting through visiting cards
    • Included color camera
    • Ethernet 10/100Mb with standard 10BaseT a 100BaseTx
    • Web server for remote configuration BOA
    • Operating system Linux 2.6
    • SIP connection P2P or PBX network system
    • WEB firmware upgradeable
    • WEB interface for control and setup parameters
    Associated Products

    IP Slender x2 buttons without camera
    VOIP Door phone with two buttons, two switches and no video.

    IP Slender x2 buttons with camera
    VOIP Video Door phone with two buttons and two switches

    IP Slender Anti-vandal x1 buttons camera
    VOIP Video Door phone with 1 button, 2 switches &anti-vandal cover.
    Quick Setup
    Pop-up guide
    Pop-up application