Here are some commonly asked questions.  Please feel free to use our Contact Us page to ask anything that is not here and we will endeavour to answer you as quick as we can,  Thank you.

What is IP address of IP Doorphone?

Default IP address is make sure your PC is set to 192.168.1.x subnet (where x is value other than gateway or doorphone IP address).  Username = admin, Password = 1234.

How do I program Analogue Door phone?

Call from a separate handset or cellphone the number or extension connected to the door phone.  The door phone will automatically answer the call, enter the password to enter programming mode (default is #0000) you are now in programming mode.

I've lost the little Key to get into Analogue Slender!

Do not try and use a screw driver!  It will only damage the grill and not look nice!  If you are on site use a paper clip and carefully depress the spring so you can slide the name plate upwards.  The perspex nameplate is springloaded and should pop outwards allowing it to be removed, slide down the grill to access wire connections.  With a little patience you will be able to open the cover without any damage…

How do I provide Disaster Relief or Back up lines for my Phone System?

Whether you have Analouge, Digital (ISDN or Primary Rate) or VoIP (SIP) trunk lines we have a solution that enables you to use the Cellular Network.  It can be only in case of failure of existing lines, for certain numbers (ie calling company mobiles) or all calls depending on your requirements.  We work with all major phone system manufacturers, contact us to find out more information about a suitable solution that suits you.